Dharmi Shah


Health and Life coach

What do I Do

Born and raised in India, I currently live in California USA with my husband and daughter. My story begins several births ago!! When I was living in scarcity, poor, sick, unattractive, and alone woman. Traveling through 2 other births as a man, this time I was born in 1983 as a woman in a society where women are expected to be submissive and not valued enough.

Living through a patriarchal society where I was continuously told “I am not enough” whether it was being an overweight teenager, or just being a “girl” and therefore I did not have equal privileges and rights as other male members in the family.

We have crossed paths
because universe wants you to BE QUEEN and CELEBRATE YOUR LIFE!!!

Myself – Dharmi Shah, I am a Transformational Health and Life coach. I have been in Health and wellness since 2004. Helping 1000’s of women get fit, feel confident and finally align with their Queen self!

I have worked as a Dietician, Yoga teacher, Mind power trainer and now as a Transformational health and life coach I have combined ALL the golden nuggets from my different work areas and put them in my coaching. This helps my client experience a one of a kind wholistic yet customized coaching. As much as I love working one on one, I also love working with groups!

I Love conducting workshops and seminars and have had the opportunity to serve groups of 10 – 350 people at a time! More the people – more energized I feel!!!

Outside of work I like being in nature, specially on the beach either being by myself watching the waves or with my family having a fun picnic. I love doing self-care, helping loved ones and traveling! Music and dance are my energy boosters!! ANYTIME of the day!!

I live in California with my husband and daughter.

I am GRATEFUL we have connected!

Work with me

Over decades of work on myself through Bachelors in Dietetics, Post-graduation in Sports Science and Nutrition, Yoga Teachers training, Mind power training, Chinmaya mission active member and Transformational coaching on myself since 2004, I have transformed from an overweight, self-doubting, self-criticizing woman to a FIT, GORGEOUS, SELF CONFIDENT, SELF LOVING QUEEN!!!

My mission of life is to Help women ALL AROUND THE WORLD. Help them break those patriarchal chains which bind their TRUTH and stop them from experiencing their own POWER!

I work with women who are burnt out giving others, have weight issues, low self-confidence and simply question their existence!

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I help YOU RECLAIM your time, energy, and power so that YOU start feeling FIT, GORGEOUS, SELF CONFIDENT, SELF LOVING QUEEN!!!

Client Testimonials & Love

Having spent so many hours with Dharmi, I was able to align myself to a more authentic self and I was able to finally breathe an air of emotional independence.Her coaching has helped me bring myself closer to who I am.Dharmi’s ongoing efforts to reach the bottom of the issues makes everything so much more meaningful.

Kanika Agarwal


Thank you Dharmi for reminding me the importance of self love and showing me the way towards the same.My stressed to Blessed Transformation Journey could not have been possible without your guidance and support.

Khyati Shah

Head of Pathogens and Molecular Diagnostics, Applied Biology Food MilliporeSigma

Amazing Mind Body Transformer. Dharmi gets into the why you overeat and sabotage yourself, not only the how to get where you want.I learned so much about myself and how to eat mindfully. I now have the tools to continue losing and to keep it off.

I dropped over 22 lbs in 4 months-can’t beat that!!

Amie Levy

Project Manager

As a busy mom and a homemaker I always found myself prioritizing others over me.This made me neglect my health.I ate whatever I could and skip my exercise. I had been struggling with my weight since always! When I met Dharmi I realized the different food options, how to carve my time for my exercise and how to manage the stress coming through my sensitive nature.I lost 16 lbs in 3 months and am grateful for the connection with Dharmi as she adds the positive spark in me when I need it the most! Weight was the gateway which showed me the path to self love! NOW I VALUE AND HONOR MY HEALTH MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD and it serves me and my family!

Yachana Desai

Proud Homemaker

Thank you Dharmi for teaching me techniques to shift mindset beliefs. I am lucky to have you in my life. One of many things I loved about your coaching is that it taught me to be mindful about my thoughts and my daily actions (food, self care and exercise). Self Love is Self Duty!! Grateful Forever”

Jahnavi Patel


Dharmi’s program helped me shift my thoughts from negativity and dullness to FULL OF LIFE, hope and positivity!! She helped me manifest my goals into reality.I had always wanted my own home after marriage and wished for it for 12 years. I did mindset and belief change work with Dharmi and manifested my own home within 6 months! She is a power house of possibilities and has all the tools, techniques and skills to change our life 360 degrees and attract everything that we want! Thank you so much Dharmi for everything! Lots and lots of love!

Hetal Sutar


I had never done a cleanse before. Deciding to join Dharmi Shah’s 14 Day Cleanse, under her exceptional guidance, was immensely rewarding. Not only have I experienced clearer skin and improved digestion, but also, I am more energetic and mentally focused. The cleanse built my willpower, allowing me to permanently commit to a healthier lifestyle, including Dharma’s recommended supportive activities.

Sonia Patel

Medical student

Hello Dharmi! I wanted Weight loss and to understand what food groups will help me with bloating, and fluctuating weight. I Tried flaxseed cocktail, was off gluten n off sugar helped me with weight loss 3 lbs. in 2 weeks!! n more energy. – A Very good experience as this was my first cleanse. Will continue with the Cleanse. Overall, I am happy that I joined the program.

Shweta Sule

Hello I am Binal Desai.I have done this cleanse program last year. With Dharmi’s guidance my cleanse program went really smooth that I’ve never imagined I could do. She helped me to identify my weaknesses and turned them into my strengths.

Thank you for bringing out the best in me!!

Binal Patel

Proud Homemaker

Hello folks. I am here to share my experience about the cleanse I just did for 14 days under the guidance of Dharmi Shah. Initially when I came to know about it I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it. But at the same time, I was willing to give it a try and I said yes. So, drum rolls!! It was amazing. The way Dharmi introduced it and kept guiding me was just commendable. She made it so much fun. All the new recipes and cleanse techniques that I tried was so much fun.

Jaan Patel

MBA Pharmaceuticals

Dear Dharmi, I would like to thank you for this Cleanse Program opportunity. It was a great experience to do as a group with a great mentor. I decided to join to feel more energetic, to get into better eating habits, to feel lighter in my belly. I Started morning with warm Lemon water, flax seeds cocktail, and smoothies which I am going to continue. Cooking with Coconut oil started eating slowly and with full attention on what I eat. Belly Massage. I Lost 4 lbs. in 2 weeks.


Proud homemaker