About Me and My Work

Dharmi Shah, I am a Transformational Health and Life coach. I have been in Health and wellness since 2004. Helping 1000’s of women get fit, feel confident and finally align with their Queen self!  

 I have worked as a Dietician, Yoga teacher, Mind power trainer and now as a Transformational health and life coach I have combined ALL the golden nuggets from my different work areas and put them in my coaching. This helps my client experience a one of a kind wholistic yet customized coaching. As much as I love working one on one, I also love working with groups!  I Love conducting workshops and seminars and have had the opportunity to serve groups of 10 – 350 people at a time! More the people More energized I feel!!!  

 Outside of work I like being in nature, specially on the beach either being by myself watching the waves or with my family having a fun picnic! I love doing self-care, helping loved ones and traveling! Music and dance are my energy boosters!! ANYTIME of the day!!  

 I live in California with my husband and daughter.  


Bachelors in Dietetics ( SVT college , Mumbai -India) 2000 -2003 

Post Graduation in Sports Science and Nutrition ( SNDT women’s University -Mumbai – India) 2004 

Yoga Teacher ( Yoga institute Mumbai- India) 2008 

Mind Power Trainer ( Dr Adhia’s mind power institute- India) 2011 

Transformational Health and Life coach ( Health coach institute- USA) 2018-2019 

In health and wellness since 2004 

What do I Do  

Born and raised in India, I currently live in California USA with my husband and daughter. My story begins several births ago!! When I was living in scarcity, poor, sick, unattractive, and alone woman. Traveling through 2 other births as a man, this time I was born in 1983 as a woman in a society where women are expected to be submissive and not valued enough.

Living through a patriarchal society where I was continuously told “I am not enough” whether it was being an overweight teenager, or just being a “girl” and therefore I did not have equal privileges and rights as other male members in the family.

Continuously living in self-doubt, and self-criticism I had always lacked SELF LOVE. Leading me to experiencing YOYO effect of weight gain, attracting boys who were not my ideal partner for marriage and undergoing mental stress for 7.5 years, delayed pregnancy added a layer of “I AM NOT ENOUGH” and finally feeling suffocated in a different country losing my identity as a working career woman, I once again felt NOT ENOUGH in January 2018.

This continuous roller coaster of achieving something and then hitting rock bottom feeling NOT ENOUGH has been a pattern rising from the patriarchal programming of “women are not enough, and they always have to struggle to get acceptance.”

I was fortunate enough to get and ALLOW support every time I hit rock bottom to get clarity, let go of what was not serving me and evolving again! I invested my time, money and energy to get the results I wanted!

Over decades of work on myself through
Bachelors in Dietetics, Post-graduation in Sports Science and Nutrition, Yoga Teachers training, Mind power training, Chinmaya mission active member and Transformational coaching on myself since 2004 I have transformed from an overweight, self-doubting, self-criticizing woman to a FIT, GORGEOUS, SELF CONFIDENT, SELF LOVING QUEEN!!!

My mission of life is to Help women ALL AROUND THE WORLD. Help them break those patriarchal chains which bind their TRUTH and stop them from experiencing their own POWER!

I work with women who are burnt out giving others, have weight issues, low self-confidence and simply question their existence!

I help them RECLAIM their time, energy, and power so that they start feeling FIT, GORGEOUS, SELF CONFIDENT, SELF LOVING QUEEN!!!


Only an abundant and powerful woman can SUPPORT other women and men in her life!


Happy woman makes a Happy family which makes a Happy world!!!!