Group program – GET FIT FOREVER – DROP the yoyo effect

GET FIT FOREVER- DROP the yoyo effect!

You are tired of following various diets

  • You are not getting the results even after doing rigorous exercise
  • You have lost and gained all the weight back ( YOYO effect)
  • You gained weight in the pandemic due to boredom and stress
  •  You want a sustainable system where you can reach and maintain your ideal body weight
  •  You want to feel peaceful in your body
  •  You want the RIGHT system, support and accountability to follow through and manifest your GORGEOUS FIT SELF!!
  •  You want transformation NOW!
  •  You want to DROP the yoyo effect so that you feel secure in your body and mind
  • You want to fall in love with yourself once again!
  •  You want to be YOUR BEST VERSION physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually!
  •  You want to be Energetic and Fit for yourself, your family and your work!


Here are all the juicy details:

2) 14 videos, meaning handouts to support your journey and 2 audio recordings with curated information emailed to YOU (you can download and save for future use! IT IS YOURS FOREVER!!)
3)12 Zoom group video calls where everyone can connect and support each other as well as receive laser one-on-one coaching by me as well as lots of soul touching moments!
4)A private Facebook Group for daily interactions, support, celebrations, and inspiration (Once you sign up you are ALWAYS IN THIS GROUP FOR FREE!! LIFELONG!!)
6)An incredible recipe booklet filled with 50 healthy and nutritious recipes with calories and macros in each recipe, designed by a knowledgeable Dietician.

Investment: $747 (payment plan available)

Client Testimonials & Love

Love love, love it ❤️ THANK you a big thank you Dharmi for making me realize that the weight loss journey is not only diet but is also affected by creating good habits like good night sleep, drinking more water, making magic meal plate, improving our hobbies n satisfied our hunger not only food but feeling satisfied mentally, emotionally too. We got to cut out bad habits like being on social media and don’t eat packaged food.

I loved mirror exercise and told myself I love you. Love you THANK You Dharmi. I realized I never give up n continue my journey! Realized in my life it is better to prioritize myself and never stop dreaming!!

Purvi Patwa

Proud Homemaker

My energy levels are high, I sleep better and my weight loss is good. I have made progress. Mentally it has helped me think better in all situations. More mental peace and balanced life. Whenever there is some situation I think about what I learned and implement it.12 weeks group program was excellent. It taught me a lot. The content was good. If you follow through with the process, you can see results. This program helped me find my mental blocks and also provided solutions to look at them differently.

Jahnavi Patel


I lost 9 pounds in 12 weeks and I am almost at my ideal body weight. I know what to do to maintain the same, have a structured life, and have unconditional support from my daughter and my husband. My energy levels are high! All this was possible because of the 12 weeks structured program and unconditional support from Dharmi. I learned how to let go of things, people who do not serve me. In one statement I can say – I achieved everything and much more. 

I am blessed to have Dharmi as my health and life coach and would recommend her to anyone who needs that support in their life. I have joined her cleanse and 1:1 coaching sessions in the past year and a half and in one sentence I can summarize – I feel empowered to do anything and everything for my family and myself.  Thank you, Dharmi for your dedication, Willingness to support women in need, and for converting our life to stay fit forever! 

Khyati Shah

Head of Pathogens and Molecular Diagnostics, Applied Biology Food Millipore Sigma