As a girl I was continuously told to be “good girl” listening to the elders and saying “yes” to what they ask from me.
Whether it is following house rules, family traditions, behavior, and with who I SHOULD keep relation or not. What clothes to wear, where to go, what time to be home, how to keep quiet so that I can PLEASE EVERYONE AROUND ME.
If I said something against the elders or said what I wanted I was labeled as a REBEL. If I didn’t follow the rules, I would be labeled as WILD. If I wanted to keep a friend which was not APPROVED by my elders I would be labeled as DISRESPECTFUL.
Yes, a lot of times they were set for my protection as a young girl.
However, I didn’t realize I was living the “people pleaser GOOD GIRL “up until I was 35 years old!
I would, without realizing sacrifice myself in order to please the other person! Therefore, feeling drained, unheard, unseen, and frustrated internally most of the times!
Imagine as a grown woman you are still living a good girl’s life!
Are you a woman who feels BURNTOUT giving to others?! Are you a people pleaser!! Are you sacrificing your desires In order to maintain the so called peace!
Are you living a good girl’s life in a grown woman’s body?!
Do you want to break free?! Break free from the limiting beliefs which were installed in your childhood and the ripple effects are still around!
If yes join my group called “BE QUEEN”
where systematically we let go of the limiting beliefs and take on the empowering habits to become an EMPOWERED WOMAN! BE QUEEN!