One on one coaching

I want you to LIVE LIKE A QUEEN!!!!

I want you to feel:

  • Powerful
  • In charge of your own decisions
  • Unconditional love for yourself
  • Generous, open, and able to love others unconditionally!


When you work with me you become:

Queen of your body, your family, your work and the world you live in!

Do you long to make your own RULES and LIVE LIFE on your own terms?

I believe every woman is a QUEEN! You have the power to GENERATE and GIVE LOVE!! You have the POWER TO GET A NEW LIFE in this world!

Is your heart singing reading this? Do you feel yourself leaning into the knowledge that you are a QUEEN?! Of course you do. And that is why you are here and why I want to work with you!

Surrounded by the patriarchal society, we as women are constantly judged and made to feel NOT ENOUGH. We need to look good, we need to DO for others to get love and prove our worth and sometimes self-sacrifice in order to feel safe, be loved and belong! It’s exhausting. We feel burnt out. Depleted. And we definitely do not feel fulfilled!

Working with me unleashes your true, Queen self. I know it because I have gone through it myself, and I have helped many women get there. I have heard my clients say, “Dharmi–I cannot believe my life. I never knew it could be this good.”

I want that for you with all my heart.

One of the superpowers of my coaching is the ability to work with you to discover long-held beliefs–unhelpful thoughts, negative internal dialogue, and then SHIFT THEM at the source. Not every coach has the training to do this deep inner work, and yet, it is exactly this work that will bring about the powerful, life-changing results you desire.

Working with me means, allowing yourself to break free from the chains that have been holding you down and SEEING WHO YOU TRULY ARE! LIVING YOUR TRUE SELF AUTHENTICALLY – PEACEFULLY!!!


Whether you are feeling burnt-out giving to others, overweight, have low self-confidence or simply know there’s got to be a better way. [or, simply know that you are meant for more], I will help you rise up from the ashes and sit on your throne. I promise you, ALL of this is coming from limiting beliefs and unhealthy habits, self-sacrifice instead of self-love, and the habit of self-sabotage instead of self-honor! Do these patterns sound familiar? I want so much more for you and I know it is possible!

I offer three programs for my one on one coaching:

1. Be Queen – Journey from a good girl to an empowered woman

2. Flab to fab – fat loss program -DROP the yoyo effect

3. Stressed to blessed – Happy mind , happy life!


Whichever program you choose, my goal for you is to step into YOUR QUEEN SELF so that you can CELEBRATE LIFE AND LIVE ABUNDANTLY!! No pressure – ONLY PLEASURE!!

Fill out the questionnaire to get clear on what it is you truly want!

AND let’s set up a 60 mins complimentary DISCOVERY CALL to know your story and discover what’s stopping you from manifesting what you truly want! Email me on to set up a time and day!



Client Testimonials & Love

Dharmi’s program helped me shift my thoughts from negativity and dullness to FULL OF LIFE, hope and positivity!! She helped me manifest my goals into reality.I had always wanted my own home after marriage and wished for it for 12 years. I did mindset and belief change work with Dharmi and manifested my own home within 6 months! She is a power house of possibilities and has all the tools, techniques and skills to change our life 360 degrees and attract everything that we want! Thank you so much Dharmi for everything! Lots and lots of love!

Hetal Sutar


Thank you Dharmi for teaching me techniques to shift mindset beliefs. I am lucky to have you in my life. One of many things I loved about your coaching is that it taught me to be mindful about my thoughts and my daily actions (food, self-care, and exercise). Self-Love is Self-Duty!! Grateful Forever!

Jahnavi Patel


Thank you Dharmi for reminding me the importance of self love and showing me the way towards the same.My stressed to Blessed Transformation Journey could not have been possible without your guidance and support.


Khyati Shah

Head of Pathogens and Molecular Diagnostics