Testimonies and Love!

I am working with Dharmi for few months now . I was very exhausted with multiple things going at work and home . I decided to seek help and found Dharmi in one of the FB groups . I decided to give life coaching a try . I felt that I have gotten so much better working with her .She provided tools and techniques to remove things which were not serving me . It helped me take better control of my life and well being . I feel ENERGIZED AND HAPPY!!

Software Architect


2022 was a special year for me and my family. My husband and I were diagnosed with some medical conditions. We were managing full time jobs, home, taking care of our 6 years old child and were care giver for my mom who needed 24*7 care. During this time , Dharmi’s 1:1 sessions helped me shift my mindset to see future as OPPORTUNITIES and DREAMS as compared to challenges and worries. Her techniques helped me stay positive and calm. I could overcome any challenges life threw at us with positive mindset. I will be forever grateful to Dharmi for this!

Khyati Shah
R&D Manager


I reached out to Dharmi when I was going through a difficult stage in my life. It took me a long time to realize that I needed help to be able to think clearly, without putting myself last. Working with Dharmi has helped me in MULTIPLE WAYS . She has shown me methods to bring CALM in CHAOS, how to be compassionate with others, but without hurting myself and to love myself . She is a great listener and has helped me with whatever I needed at that moment in life! She guided me and helped me transform into a MUCH CALMER PERSON.I am very thankful to have crossed paths with her in my life when I needed help the most .

S Shah
Senior Operations Associate


Over the course of the 4 months with the stressed to blessed program, I have progressed by a LEAP! It has been an immensely helpful program to help me MANAGE MY STRESS, deal with life and become a happier person. Before the program I was in a fairly NEGATIVE Space in mind and every issue would turn into a big thing in my mind leading to stress, unhappiness and salty relationships with those most close and dear to me . The program really helped me come further in my journey to 1) DISCOVER MYSELF 2) Open my eyes to possibilities of a state I never imagined existed 3) BUILD CONFIDENCE 4) Having a more open mind 5) Look forward to life Dharmi’s support and coaching is the only reason why I have come so far and cannot thank her enough for it . She has always been available with great suggestions for how to navigate the challenges I face . She custom structured the program to fit my specific needs. I am very thankful and grateful to have the opportunity to go through the program , it has helped me a lot and I have still continued work since 18 months and more!

Software Engineer


Dharmi’s program helped me shift my thoughts from negativity and dullness to FULL OF LIFE, hope and positivity!! She helped me manifest my goals into reality.I had always wanted my own home after marriage and wished for it for 12 years. I did mindset and belief change work with Dharmi and manifested my own home within 6 months! She is a power house of possibilities and has all the tools, techniques and skills to change our life 360 degrees and attract everything that we want! Thank you so much Dharmi for everything! Lots and lots of love!

Hetal Sutar


Having spent so many hours with Dharmi, I was able to align myself to a more authentic self and I was able to finally breathe an air of emotional independence.Her coaching has helped me bring myself closer to who I am.Dharmi’s ongoing efforts to reach the bottom of the issues makes everything so much more meaningful.

Kanika Agarwal