Since childhood I was told to always be a good girl .
Who is a good girl?
1) a girl who obeys elders
2) a girl who listens to others and keeps quiet
3) a girl who studies well and get good grades
4) a girl who sacrifices her desires in order to maintain peace in the family
5) a girl who behaves nice in spite of feeling hurt
6) a girl who makes her parents proud by being nice in society even if that means she is being fake
what according to you is the definition of a good girl?

and now my question is who is an empowered woman?
1) a woman who obeys what is right according to her
2) a woman who listens to everyone but does what aligns with her
3) a woman who pursues a career she loves because it aligns with her purpose
4) a woman who says out loud what her desires are and knows how to balance the family
5)a woman who behaves according to the situation not to please anyone but to live her truth
6) a woman who makes her parents proud by BEING HER TRUE SELF!! and if nobody else is proud she builds her tribe who understands her!
who according to you is an empowered woman!?
what would you like to be?
a good girl or an empowered woman?