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“Be Queen – Rule Your World” Online Group Program 

  • What does it mean to be living SMALL??

    You feel everyone else is important – NOT YOU. This makes you put yourself last priority.

     You feel loss of identity. Are you just a daughter, wife, mother–And this is NOT ENOUGH. You are NOT HAPPY. You want MORE. You want to be your TRUE SELF.

     You often feel suffocated where you are in life.

     You know you can BE MORE but don’t know how. 

    You feel guilty saying yes to your desires / doing self care. 

     You feel stuck in your thoughts and would love to be the flow of joy and abundance. But you simply can’t see a way out. 


    The truth is, there is no woman on the planet that isn’t experiencing one or more of these things at least some of the time. And that’s okay. It’s why I am inviting you into this POWERFUL WORK.


One on one coaching

I want you to LIVE LIKE A QUEEN!!!!

I want you to feel:

  • Powerful
  • In charge of your own decisions
  • Unconditional love for yourself
  • Generous, open, and able to love others unconditionally!

When you work with me you become:

Be Queen – 21 day cleanse

  • Do you get bloated after eating?
  • Do you tend to gain weight easily, especially in your belly?
  • Do you have extra pounds that won’t come off with diet and exercise?
  • Do you have headaches more than occasionally?
  • Do you frequently belch or feel gassy or gurgling in your belly?
  • Do you tend to feel lethargic during the day?
  • Do you have cravings for sugar or starchy foods?
  • Do you experience mood swings or anxiety?
  • Do you have difficulty focusing or experience foggy brain?
  • Do you have allergies or hay fever?

Online (self guided) program – GET FIT FOREVER

Course summary 

Are you a Woman who is tired of diets and rigorous exercise? Do you experience YOYO EFFECT of weight loss and gain? Would you like to have a sustainable plan and GET FIT FOREVER? THIS IS THE PROGRAM FOR YOU!!! 12 WEEKS to your GORGEOUS FIT SELF!!!!!! 

Course requirements 

 Welcome GORGEOUS! I am SOOO PROUD of you for reading this Paragraph. 

It shows you are READY FOR TRANSFORMATION! Now that you have DECIDED to GET FIT FOREVER, I invite you to set an Intention! 

Group program – GET FIT FOREVER – DROP the yoyo effect 

GET FIT FOREVER- DROP the yoyo effect!

You are tired of following various diets

  • You are not getting the results even after doing rigorous exercise
  • You have lost and gained all the weight back ( YOYO effect)
  • You gained weight in the pandemic due to boredom and stress
  •  You want a sustainable system where you can reach and maintain your ideal body weight
  •  You want to feel peaceful in your body